EternaCore re-launch!

EternaCore re-launch

With this post comes the re-launch of the website! I am still working on finding an artist to commission for the banner art and maybe some other pieces, but for now the site is back up and running!

I will be posting new pages every Thursday and will also be posting back all the old content, one page at a time as quickly as I can. I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to go through them in search of typos and other language-type mistakes so I can fix those, but will not be making any actual changes. I do not like recons.

The first page of the Prologue is already up, and in the meantime please feel free to read the content that is freely available over at the Patreon page if you want to catch up!

Speaking of Voidwalker…

Voidwalker Chapter Five

Today the first page of the fifth chapter of Voidwalker goes live for all to enjoy!

I am going to prioritize putting up the pages of this chapter over those of the old chapters, since most of the old stuff is available elsewhere. So, I hope everyone will be looking forward to Thursdays when the new pages go up! ^^

Or Tuesdays for Patrons :p

Thank you all…

…for your patience while I tried to figure out how to get the website sorted.
…for your continued support as we continue this tale.
…and for everything else!

Enjoy, ev’rybody!

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