From time to time, I create homebrew content for the rare tabletop games I find myself able to participate in. While generally lacking in playtesting, I feel like leaving them hidden away is wasteful so I am using this page to share them in the hopes others may find them enjoyable in their own games.

Pathfinder (1ed)

Current Project

Medium (revamp) – An experiment to re-balance Paizo’s Medium class to fix perceived issues with forced specialization on a class whose gimmick is “flexibility”.

Upcoming Projects(alphabetically)

Ashen Reaver (Magus archetype) – These dark warrior-mages draw upon the life force of their enemies to fuel their own prowess in battle. Intended as a “necromancy focused magus”.

Cinder Knight (standalone class) – An order of knights drawing power from fire and volcanoes. Inspired by a “paladins of fire” theme.

Crag troll (creature) – The brutal beasts that roam Wyrm’s Wood and the foothills of many Bareuvinian mountains. Easier to kill than regular trolls, but sometimes too dumb to realize they’re dead.

Skinshifter (standalone class) – Tribal warrior-mystics utilizing spirit magic to weaken their foes, and minor shapeshifting to destroy them. Intended as a druid/shaman/witch-themed equivalent to magus/warpriest, with inspiration from classic folklore.

Spellthief (reimagined 3.5ed CAdv class) – A reimagined version of 3.5ed’s Spellthief from Complete Adventurer, with improved spell progression but relying on stolen magic to use it.