From time to time, I create homebrew content for the rare tabletop games I find myself able to participate in. While generally lacking in playtesting, I feel like leaving them hidden away is wasteful so I am using this page to share them in the hopes others may find them enjoyable in their own games.

D&D 5e

Current Project

Cinder Knight (class/sub-class) – An order of knights drawing power from fire and volcanoes. Originally inspired by a “paladins of fire” theme, the class is now its own thing.

Upcoming Projects(alphabetically)

Ashen Reaver (class/sub-class) – These dark warrior-mages draw upon the life force of their enemies to fuel their own prowess in battle. Intended as a “necromancy focused magus”.

Crag troll (creature) – The brutal beasts that roam Wyrm’s Wood and the foothills of many Bareuvinian mountains. Easier to kill than regular trolls, but sometimes too dumb to realize they’re dead.

Skinshifter (class/sub-class) – Tribal warrior-mystics utilizing spirit magic to weaken their foes, and minor shapeshifting to destroy them. Intended as a druid/shaman/witch-themed equivalent to magus/warpriest, with inspiration from classic folklore.