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That’s a wrap!
With today’s post we’ve finished Chapter Six. As usual between chapters, I’m going to take a brief break while I sort out what needs to be done for the next chapter.
I’m also going to make some adjustments to the release schedule, so I can’t give an exact date for when Chapter Seven begins. The plan is to make some updates to the Patreon as well, so that will add a bit of work.

Ideally, I’d like to have Disqus up and running by the time I start the next chapter, but given that it’s not working at all… Well, we’ll see.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’re enjoying the story ^^



And we’re back!
Part 8 of Chapter Six is now live for Patrons and will be going up on the site on Tuesday, 30/6. The plan is for the rest to continue in the usual 1/week format from here on out, at least until the end of Chapter Six.

In other news, I’m struggling with getting the new comment system working. The plugin installs but when I click to its “page” in the dashboard, it’s just empty. So I’m trying to figure out what’s up with that and how to fix it (I even tried disabling everything, even theme, to no avail).

A belated Happy Midsummer Solstice (or midwinter solstice for those on the southern hemisphere) ^^

Enjoy your summer/winter and stay safe in these troubling times!



Time flies
A few kind strangers have offered to give me some feedback, so right now I’m kind of holding off on updates while waiting for that.
I’m also still working on getting a new comment system running. As some of the feedback I have received was “I can’t find any quick links from one post to the next”, that has reinforced my desire of getting one that let’s me put the comments below the navigation buttons (worst case, I may need to switch theme).
Meanwhile, I’ve been poking away at the upcoming pages and also messing around a bit with some homebrew PF (1ed) classes, so hopefully I can add one or two of those as a bonus thing soon.

Stay healthy, ev’rybody!



Comment sections disabled pending new comment system
I’m going to switch comment system, in the hopes that it will work smoother. Hopefully this will also allow me to put the navigation links above the comment section (instead of it hiding below, as now).
Until this switch is complete, I have disabled comments on all posts and pages, so as to avoid any comments being unnecessarily lost.



Caught up
Finally! All caught up with proof-reading and minor edits and uploading old pages.

I’m still in a place in life where I won’t be able to regularly add new stuff, but I will try my best to get new pages done when I can.

Thank you for reading,


Just a quick addendum to the previous update. Due to my current living arrangements, I am going to have very limited opportunities to update the site, Twitter, and Patreon. So until a more long-term solution has been found, I’m afraid updates are going to be even more unreliable and irregular than usual.

For this, I can only apologize.

Thank you for your patience,


Hi, ev’rybody!
Yeah, so… done with cleaning and re-upping chapters 4&5. Working on chapter 6 now (including getting new pages ready). For those not following the Patreon (not that I update that much, either), I’ve been busy moving. So that gets in the way of things.

I don’t really have all that much more to say, at the moment. Sometimes things work out the way we want them to, sometimes they don’t. For me… the past decade has been dominated by things that don’t. But no matter what, I will finish Voidwalker. It may take longer than expected, but it shall be done.



Long time, no siege!
So, I’ve been kind of burnt out the past few months, due to various unexpected troubles popping up. Nothing major, but yeah… a few small things here and there add up to take a lot of energy.

I’m done cleaning and re-upping Chapter 3 now, anyway. So onward to Chapter 4, I guess. Due to lack of interest, I’m keeping new pages on hold until I’m all caught up with the old ones. I need to do some marketing or something to get new readers, and doing that requires everything be in place so they can catch up.

Still working on the other sections, too. Obviously, bonus stuff like that has to take a backseat to Voidwalker. Also, paying rent and similar essentials :p



God jul!
Today is the grand re-opening of the website! The entirety of Voidwalker, from Prologue to Chapter 3 (p2), is now available in the blog (the rest, up to Ch6 (p2), will be up in a few days, and Ch6 (p3) will be going up on Jan 1). Hopefully, the Categories sidebar is going to make the story easy to navigate, too.
Additionally, a couple of shorts from the Patreon are available on the Short Stories page.

So what’s next? Well, I have a few things that are on the way for the website, but for now my main focus is getting the steam up for Voidwalker to continue (Patrons should already have early access to the next page over on the Patreon!).

To wrap up, here’s a sneak peek at some upcoming additions that are already in the works:
– Homebrew for tabletop rpgs (for now, it will only be Pathfinder stuff, as that is what the last campaign I had the pleasure of participating in used; as I create for other systems, that will be added as well)
– A Dramatis Personae section, detailing the ensemble cast of Voidwalker (it will try to balance minimal spoilers with useful information, and will focus on info revealed in the first few pages involving the character)

Finally, I wish everyone an enjoyable season! Thank you for your patience with my sorting out the website, and for taking the time to read the things I write!