Long time, no siege!
So, I’ve been kind of burnt out the past few months, due to various unexpected troubles popping up. Nothing major, but yeah… a few small things here and there add up to take a lot of energy.

I’m done cleaning and re-upping Chapter 3 now, anyway. So onward to Chapter 4, I guess. Due to lack of interest, I’m keeping new pages on hold until I’m all caught up with the old ones. I need to do some marketing or something to get new readers, and doing that requires everything be in place so they can catch up.

Still working on the other sections, too. Obviously, bonus stuff like that has to take a backseat to Voidwalker. Also, paying rent and similar essentials :p



God jul!
Today is the grand re-opening of the website! The entirety of Voidwalker, from Prologue to Chapter 3 (p2), is now available in the blog (the rest, up to Ch6 (p2), will be up in a few days, and Ch6 (p3) will be going up on Jan 1). Hopefully, the Categories sidebar is going to make the story easy to navigate, too. Additionally, a couple of shorts from the Patreon are available on the Short Stories page.

So what’s next? Well, I have a few things that are on the way for the website, but for now my main focus is getting the steam up for Voidwalker to continue (Patrons should already have early access to the next page over on the Patreon!).

To wrap up, here’s a sneak peek at some upcoming additions that are already in the works:
– Homebrew for tabletop rpgs (for now, it will only be Pathfinder stuff, as that is what the last campaign I had the pleasure of participating in used; as I create for other systems, that will be added as well)
– A Dramatis Personae section, detailing the ensemble cast of Voidwalker (it will try to balance minimal spoilers with useful information, and will focus on info revealed in the first few pages involving the character)

Finally, I wish everyone an enjoyable season! Thank you for your patience with my sorting out the website, and for taking the time to read the things I write!