Voidwalker: Chapter One, p12

“So… Thou art the interloper?” He tried his best to speak the language humans called Karth, though it had been many decades since the last time he had found need to use it and suspected that his pronunciation would be archaic, and likely more than one word would be misremembered.

The prisoner’s head snapped up, seemingly surprised to find someone sitting in the middle of the clearing. Let alone a bearded old man such as himself, no doubt.

“I art Jaeworl, leader of druids here. Who art thou?” At first he was unsure if she understood him but the furrow on her brow was one of concentration, not one of confusion born of not understanding.

“I am… I’m… My name is… I- I don’t know… I don’t know!” Her alarm seemed genuine enough, although Jaeworl had always been better at judging plants than people. She began talking to herself, then. Speaking too quickly for Jaeworl to keep up then slipping into another language, one with which he was not familiar, seemingly without realizing it. The look of alarm on her face grew more and more distressed, as though she was desperately trying to catch a fairy which constantly danced out of her reach.

“Calm down, youngling.” Jaeworl was worried she would start struggling to free herself and in doing so harm herself unduly on the thorns. Getting no reaction from the poor girl, he rose to his feet and reached out with his will. A small bud appeared in his mind, rapidly swelling and blooming into a pink flower in a burst of fragrant pollen. Holding on to that image, he opened his eyes and looked up, then held up an open hand toward the girl and blew across it.

Rising from the empty palm of his hand came a cloud of pollen, carried by his breath they wafted over the girl and vines. By the time she even registered that something was going on the cloud had already washed over her, its magic causing her body to relax as her mind calmed under the soothing fragrance of the spell.

Her focus returned, he once again sat himself down in the middle of the small glade. “Just relax, youngling. It will all be set right in time,” he assured her, though in truth he had no idea what was going on or how anyone might help her. “Now, start at the beginning. What dost thou recall of thine life?”